Aquafest volunteers


May 23, 2015

Water Protection Vital for Life and Health
Final Message from Team Aquafest

(Grand Bend) -­‐ After 6 successful years mounting the arts infused eco festival, Aquafest, the volunteer committee has decided to disband and throw their efforts at new environmental challenges.

“Our Great Lakes represent 20 percent of the world's surface fresh water, and we can all make a difference in protecting this essential resource,“ says Aquafest co‐chair Marissa Vaughan. “We all need water to live and Aquafest has been raising awareness among all ages about the threats to water and how to protect it for generations to come. ”

While the fight to protect water from over use and pollution is far from over, the Aquafest team says it’s time to take on new challenges.

“The tornado that hit Grand Bend last year turned many people’s attention to the broader issue of Climate Change and what we need to do to mitigate the impacts of that,” adds Jennifer Mossop, Aquafest co‐chair and founder. “What we do to fight Climate Change will also benefit water. For instance the focus on replanting trees as part of the local 5000 Trees Project, helps protect our water from contamination through runoff, and helps maintain humidity.”

The Aquafest Committee wants to thank everyone in the Community for their tremendous support and participation over the last six years, especially the funders, sponsors, partners and tireless volunteers. Also, the Committee encourages everyone to stay focused on protecting what we need most in life: clean air, clean water, and a sustainable food supply.

“It’s within our power and control to keep this planet healthy and viable. We just need to put our resources toward that very positive end.”

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